Video Submission Policy

UFCW encourages its supporters to submit videos via Soapboxx in order to engage in education and political advocacy (“Entries”) that the UFCW supports. Once submitted, UFCW reserves the right to use and promote the Entries in its sole discretion. You understand and agree that by submitting an Entry to UFCW via Soapboxx, you automatically grant (and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant) to UFCW a royalty-free, worldwide, fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive right and license to (i) use, reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, and publicly display your Entry, and (ii) use and reproduce (and to authorize third parties to use and reproduce) any part of your Entry in any or all media throughout the world for any and all commercial, trade, advertising, political or other purposes determined by UFCW, including for example without limitation political advertising. Other users may be able to share your Entry through Soapboxx’s website and such other users may follow you on your social media.   

You further agree that: (i) you are solely responsible for understanding all copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, and other intellectual property or other laws that may apply to your Entry; and (ii) you are solely responsible for, and UFCW will have no liability in connection with, the legal consequences of any actions or failures to act on your part while preparing or submitting an Entry, including without limitation any legal consequences relating to your intellectual property rights. You agree to indemnify and hold UFCW harmless from and against all claims, costs, loss, and damages of any kind (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) arising from or based upon any claim that any Entry prepared or submitted by you infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights of any third party.  

UFCW has the right to reject or rescind any video that it deems, in its sole discretion, inappropriate and/or in, or for any reason whatsoever. Participants will not be notified of any rejection.